Monday, November 23, 2009

Valuable? Yes You Are!

When was the last time you lost something: money, jewelry, a tool, a shoe, keys, important paper(s), or the remote control?  All of these different items, at times, are valuable to us. And who puts the value on each one of these things? You and I do. If we have some how lost a $20 bill, we all would be determined to find it, wouldn't we? Ladies, so many of us having lost a ring or earring, we look EVERYWHERE until we've covered all the house, do we not? Even for our children we are continuously looking for library books, homework papers, shoes, toys, pacifiers, and lost socks. Men, isn't it true that when you need that one particular tool, be it a hammer, plyers, tape measure, screwdriver, it often times has to be FOUND first before you can get your job done. Neither can we forget the ever elusive PIN # or password that comes in and out of our minds when it is so badly needed.

Why is it so frustrating when we can't find our lost items? It comes back to VALUE. Everything has a value that you and I have assigned to it. Things do have value, but people have a greater value.

In the Gospel of Luke 15:8-10, Jesus tells the parable of the lost coin. Do you know the story? The lady has ten silver coins and she loses one. She lights a lamp, sweeps the house, and searches carefully until she finds it. Finally, she finds the coin. She calls all her friends and neighbors together to rejoice with her. Today we would be more apt to call, email, or text our friends and family to share our good news.  Hooray, Yippee, and smiley faces floating from phone to phone would be more likely the scenario in our day.  Nevertheless, celebrating the one coin being found is signifcant whether it be in Bible times or in present time. But WHY is it so significant?

In verse 10, Jesus tells us that the coin is symbolic of a sinner who repents. This one coin was highly valuable to the woman who had lost it. Each individual is precious (highly valuable) to God. He grieves over every sinner that will not repent and yet rejoices over the repentant sinner who is found and welcomed into the kingdom.

How valuable do you think you are? Satan would like you to believe that you are worthless and good for nothing. Don't believe it. He is a liar. Jesus knows how valuable you are! You are priceless. That's why you were paid for with a price, the blood of Jesus! Jesus could have taken Satan up on his offer of having all the "authority and splendor" (Lk.4:6) of the kingdoms of the world, but Jesus refused because He knows how valuable YOU are to God the Father. You and I are the lost coin. We are valuable to God.

So here is the million dollar question:
When will you start to see how valuable you are to God?
You will begin to see YOUR value when you STOP living for yourself and START living for Jesus. 

Just do it. No excuses.  Live for Jesus and don't apologize.


  1. Yesterday, at church, we had this discussion about why people find it hard to let go of past failures and your blog made me think of a few things that were mentioned. It's like that thing you've lost; in my case, the cell phone, car keys, or a note that MUST be returned to school. Guilt, failure....all caused by things we have lost.
    For me, it comes down to finding it hard to see myself through the eyes of God. How could he ever see "me" as good enough? I think we get caught up in going about our lives, the tasks, the chores, the constant go, go, go and we forget to just stop and be still and listen to the grace that God is willing to give.
    I love the image you've created of God searching for me, as I am my cell phone, wondering why he can't reach me. It reminds me to stop and listen, slow down and accept that grace.

  2. Lovely post from a lovely writer.